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Ko Tao life

Thailand's most famous diving spots, where the coral reefs and abundant marine life, crystal clear waters and colorful tropical fish, will make you feel into the "Finding Nemo" in the world. Tao Island (Ko Tao) is a small island south-east of Thailand, as shaped like a turtle, so the island is also known as the "Turtle Island", here is an area of ​​just 8.5 square miles of the island, from Ko pull the city through the island to take a quick round this takes about two hours, if you take the average ship which is about four hours. Here's coral reefs and rich marine life, provide excellent diving environment, it is Thailand's most famous diving spots. ? 0? 0 Koh Tao in the Gulf of Siam is the best dive sites. Rich marine sea landscape, either diving or floating in the sea, even early in the morning to get up to throw bread to feed the fish the sea is a pleasure. Koh Samui is one that fits your own good place to exile. Tao island away from the crowds, often hundreds of meters to enjoy the beach, only one person alone to have the luxury. This is also the place to take diving license, PADI diving license at all levels to get the price cheaper than anywhere else. Here the more famous dive sites are about 10.

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