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Dans le monde du bien-pensants UPHOLD Heureux

Boracay est l'île centrale des Philippines avec une superficie de 10,32 kilomètres carrés, est l'une des destinations touristiques dans les Philippines. Coquilles Boracay blanc, transparent et former belle et célèbre, particulièrement bien adapté pour les petits coquillages utilisés pour faire des colliers. Blanc comme le jasmin, de fruits sauvages comme le vert. Les filles portent ce tas de colliers de coquillages, élégantes et simples.
Boracay dispose de 12 plages et plage de sable blanc est de laisser le Boracay célèbre être la plus grande raison, au milieu de la Cisjordanie, qui est situé à Boracay, jusqu'à 4 km, plage douce étirement, de sable blanc et délicat. Barefoot Yazi, marchant sur la couverture de plage car cela crémeux, doux, à propos de l'effondrement bas sentiment sorte de pieds confortables savent.
Beaucoup de gens viennent ici, ne pas faire du tourisme ou de loisirs, mais du matin au soir attarder dans la plage de sable blanc, nager dans ce paradis isolé. Boracay dispose d'un marché de fruits de mer très célèbre: DTalipapa. Lieu: S2 S3 marchait à la direction, vous verrez le coin supérieur gauche il ya un signe accroché D'Talipapa. Heures d'ouverture: 7 heures-20 heures, homard bleu, crabe, crevettes, poissons, ceux-ci ajoutent à presque 4000P, 1200P frais. Brûler goût est très général. Mais il est frais.
Que brûlé, rôti, cuit à la vapeur, bouilli, frit, ou curry, citron, sauce au beurre, les frais de traitement de la crème de noix de coco sont entre 130--150P / kg. Bien que Long Beach est situé dans les îles du Pacifique occidental, les stocks de poissons marins devraient être très riche. Pour l'île ne mangent pas de fruits de mer, je suis vraiment désolé de l'estomac.

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the Bophut Beach

Located on the northern coast of Koh Samui, although the beach two kilometers long, but sandy white, beautiful scenery. It is also the oldest settlement on the island, previously a small fishing village. Here is the best place to enjoy the sunset, looking for oceanfront restaurant with a delicious while watching the sunset. Walk from Bo Phut Beach is west Mae Village (Mae Nam), which is a few tourists visit the village, the village at the end of a series of small bays formed by a huge rock, this is a great place for snorkeling and very few tourists . Tuk-tuk ride from Big Buddha Beach or double bars go just 10 minutes, a man about 30 baht. Every year in November to next April is the best time to travel Koh Samui, Bo Phut Beach is also in this period ushered in the tourist season, but because this is second only to Phuket, Thailand honeymoon Holy Land, all year round tourists play.
The next day the weather is fine, everything under the sun's radiation hot. Many Indian tourists here, perhaps prices, so they come here in droves. After lunch move to Chaweng, Koh Samui's most popular locations. Ibis leaving some sadness, dismay perhaps share a beautiful quiet and cozy mood. To Chaweng rhythm became faster after everything up, eating, shopping, shopping, play go, time unknowingly fleeting, finally lying in the tub humming "Where's the time" to cherish the memory of this "eventually lost the perfect holiday"

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i m going Chaweng Beach

Chaweng (Chaweng Beach) is located in the east coast of Koh Samui, up to 7 km, is the longest Koh Samui, the most popular, the most prestigious Grand Beach. Since the beach is occupied by various hotels and resorts, it is the inland side of the beach road, opposite the road is bars, restaurants, shops and places of entertainment. Along the beach road has many upscale hotels, resorts, restaurants, diving schools, different styles of bars, shopping centers, is the center of tourist distribution center and nightlife. On the soft white sand beach and turquoise sea matched, the scenery is very charming. On the soft white sand beach and turquoise sea matched, charming scenery. Rich water rides everywhere, the wind ups and downs of sailing, jet skis roaring, and can live rent diving equipment, can keep you here for a pleasant holiday.
Chaweng Beach is diving spots, a lot of people want to take some photos when diving leave a good moment to remember that for your cell phone or camera assembly waterproof camera case, or specifically the acquisition diving camera. You can see the dive many marine organisms, but also to the shuttle in the coral reefs, but remember that no matter how much I like it never destroy the coral, but do not try to catch marine animals or litter in the ocean.

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the Angthon National Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park (Angthon National Marine Park) is one of Thailand's Marine National Park, composed of 42 small islands, marine nature conservation park. Limestone cliffs and white sandy beaches, secluded lagoons and lush jungle and wild gibbons in the few populated islands everywhere. Ang Thong National Marine Park was built in 1980, although the total area of 39.5 square miles of the park (102 square kilometers), but only 7 square miles (18 square kilometers) is dry land. "Ang Thong" means "golden bowl", this archipelago warm climate, sunny, it has made Sura Thani province, Thailand became a very famous tourist destination.
Arrival and departure: to Antun's boats are generally starting around 8:30 from Koh Samui, 17:00 return to Koh Samui, usually long-tail boat about two hours by boat, speedboat to one hour.

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visiting Samui

Samui variety of seafood, crab, fish, shrimp, squid, everything. As a tourist city, Koh Samui also brought together from around the world come and dishes, Italian cuisine, Japanese, Vietnamese and Indian dishes can now be found in Koh Samui. Thai ingredients rich, like spicy food, taste heavy. The main ingredients garlic, chili, lime, fish sauce and so on. Thai food is also very natural, pesticide-free, a lot of vegetables like cabbage, beans, cucumber and bitter gourd can be eaten raw, with a variety of spices, plus seafood, delicious and unique. Tower is a delicious roasted coconut sweets street, this dessert is thick coconut powder, powder, eggs, rice and sugar, and then placed in the mold pottery pot, many street vendors in Thailand It has sold. Hu, accompanied by pork and rice wilt, or a drop of sweet rolled pancakes or fried very crisp banana pie stalls are so delicious that you appetizing snacks. Coconut chicken soup (Tom Ka Gai) by the coconut milk to the soup, add chicken from the rich turmeric, lemongrass and lemon leaf aroma flavor, a little sour, but refreshing taste fluently.

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